Money, Part Two: Bette's style guidelines!

Money, Part Two: Bette's style guidelines!
*Photo by Justin Patterson

Part Two: Bette’s style guidelines

As promised, part two of my champagne taste on a beer budget series...

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There is something to keep in mind when it comes to pulling yourself together, and while it sometimes seems like a talent one must be born with, I believe it can be taught. That is good taste and an eye for style. In the words of Helena Rubinstein, (most recently recreated by the one and only Pattie Lupone) “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” We have the world at our fingertips (literally) at every moment. In fact you are likely reading this on the very device I speak of! We have this amazing opportunity to educate ourselves on practically anything we want to, including style.  It’s called the Internet.

There is no excuse to waste money on an item that doesn’t fit you right, doesn’t flatter you, and will ultimately land in the back of your closet because it never makes you feel you’re at your best. Instead, before you go to the store, take a look at what you like on others, be it online, a celebrity, or on a friend, and look at the person wearing the item. Do they have a similar body type to you, similar coloring, (hair, eye, skin, etc.)? If they are similar to yourself, what they choose to put on their body will likely sit well on you, as opposed to someone who looks nothing like you.

(And never, ever, ever, take someone shopping with you who's taste and advice you don't absolutely trust...they cannot help you!)

I believe in embracing the natural gifts you are given, and making the most out of them. I’m a short, pale person, with hips. That’s what I got. So I look at people who have a similar stature whose taste and style matches mine, and go from there. What I don’t do is believe that I can pull off something designed for a tall, dark, slender woman. And this is no disrespect! Diverse bodies make our world beautiful. It’s our job to figure it out and make the best of what we are given, and EVERY BETTE is given something.

A few guidelines when choosing garments:

·      Figure out your colors. Should your black really be midnight blue? Your white, pink?

o   Example: Tan girls with olive undertones look great in gold and brown and some white and certain greens. I’m a pale girl with reddish hair…I look good in other kinds of green that would look terrible on a tan girl, and I’d look pretty heinous in the green that flatters her.

·      Figure out your silhouette: hourglass, straight, round, pear, etc. Accentuate the parts you love; maybe you have great legs, or great arms, or bust, butt, etc. For elegance sake, pick one body part, and highlight it…then appropriately attire the rest. Keep it Classy!

o   Example: If I wear a low cut dress, I make sure my arms have some kind of cover (even if it’s a sheer sleeve) and that my legs are bare from only the knee down. If I wear a dress that’s shorter, I keep the top covered. ONE BODY PART PER OUTFIT…maybe two if you’re being scandalous. If you are showing all the body parts, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Like a worthy charity. #broadwaybares

Last but not least; does the item make you feel beautiful, strong, classy, and pulled together? If it does, (and you’ll know pretty quickly) it’s a keeper. If not, don’t waste your money because you won’t wear it enough to warrant the expense.

Stay tuned for next week's installment...your home, and how to make it look like it belongs in Elle Decor.

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