Karma's a Bitch
*Photo by Justin Patterson

Karma’s a bitch

Or what goes around comes around


Confession time: Last week I went to an audition an accidently kicked a fellow showgirl in the head. (We were doing floor-work in heels. Who said dance isn’t a contact sport!) Immediate was my apology, and a second apology followed when we were at an appropriate pause. Forgiven, we moved on. This particular showgirl happens to be cooler than most. Lucky me. That’s the way it ideally works…try to do no harm, and if you do, own it, apologize or fix your mess, and let it go. That’s how you keep your karma clean.

Easy right? Nope. People have a problem with apologizing. To apologize is to admit we aren’t perfect, that we make mistakes, overstep, and offend. For lack of better terms, we fuck it up sometimes. As I said in “Taking the Note”, what stops people is their ego. I believe the same is true here.

Now….for the intentional slights and wrongs. If you get known as the showgirl/boy that is not above kicking someone in the head, choreographers and directors find this out and won’t want you on their stage. That means lost income. You would be a liability. Same for the people I name “shit stirrers,” people who live to create drama and tension. There is plenty of that in my world, and I’m sure in yours! Those are toxic people to run far away from and keep at a major distance. Nobody wants to work with unprofessional people who create drama. There’s always one bad apple in the bunch, and they tend to ruin things for everyone else.

Sometimes, every once in a while, bitchy karma works for you; I’ve had cases where someone who had done me wrong, and through NO action of my own, got what they deserved (karmically speaking of course!) I try not to wish ill on anyone for this particular reason, even if they have done something pretty horrendous. But Lady Karma has another thing coming for these wastes of space; I’ve had boyfriends who broke my heart get theirs broken not long after, and horrible bosses get fired after treating me poorly. Again, with no action on my part. This is the only time I get true Schadenfreude. Because it makes me feel like there is some kind of justice in the world, and that I don’t have to personally respond to every slight or wrongdoing. Sometimes, this beautiful universe takes care of us, with no required action. My theory is this: People who would wrong you have such bad energy that eventually it just boomerangs right back at them. The Schadenfreude when you hear the news is…priceless.

So here’s what a Bette’s to do: Treat everyone with the kindness and respect you want to be given, if you hurt someone, fix it, and let Karma take care of those who would do you wrong. Don’t waste your precious energy on revenge; don’t dirty up your soul. The best revenge is being successful and happy in your own life.

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